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2014-11-02 Updated to Redland 1.0.17, Rasqal 0.9.32 and Raptor 2.0.15

Updated to Redland 1.0.17, Rasqal 0.9.32 and Raptor 2.0.15.

2013-08-11 Updated to Redland 1.0.16, Rasqal 0.9.30 and Raptor 2.0.9

Updated to Redland 1.0.16, Rasqal 0.9.30 and Raptor 2.0.9.

2012-07-15 Updated to Rasqal 0.9.29 and Raptor 2.0.8

Updated to Rasqal 0.9.29 and Raptor 2.0.8.

2012-01-18 Updated to Redland 1.0.15, Rasqal 0.9.28 and Raptor 2.0.6

Added the CSV, TSV and Table result formats for bindings that were added in more recent Rasqals.

2011-07-24 Updated to Redland 1.0.14, Rasqal 0.9.26 and Raptor 2.0.3

Also fixed a long term issue with validating of external data that caused 500 Errors occasionally.

2010-04-13 Updated to Rasqal 0.9.19 and Raptor 1.4.21 and 64-bit

Updated the libraries to the latest versions Rasqal 0.9.19 and Raptor 1.4.21 now running on 64-bit hardware.

2009-12-22 Updated to Redland 1.0.10 and Rasqal 0.9.17

Updated the libraries to the latest set - Redland 1.0.10 (perl bindings and Rasqal 0.9.17 running the new query engine. Also updated to use Raptor 1.4.20.

2009-10-22 RDF Query service

Announced Triplr RDF Query service which also operates as a SPARQL endpoint.

This does not yet run Rasqal Subversion which has a more functional query engine. At present Rasqal 0.9.16 fails to handle UNION, some OPTIONALs, all nested graph patterns and a lot of datatype details that are fixed or improved in subversion.

2009-10-09 SPARYQL

Announced SPARYQL - YQL calling SPARQL.

The sparyql source is on GitHub.

2009-09-07 Updated to latest Redland libraries

Updated the Triplr installation to use the latest released Redland (1.0.9), Rasqal (0.9.16) and Raptor (1.4.19).

2008-06-21 Removed RSS serializing

I have removed RSS serializing due to abuse - used in automated feed readers that ignore robots.txt (most of them) or other automated processing.

2008-03-28 JSON serializers callback parameter restored

I have updated Triplr to use the latest subversion Raptor RDF JSON serializers to restore the JSON callback functionality.

There are two JSON serializers in Raptor that are invoked in Triplr using the name json, the default being the resource-centric output (RDF/JSON). The alternate triples-dump output can be generated by adding parameter triples such as with;triples/...

The JSON output can have a callback defined which was available with Triplr when it was using the perl JSON code, of wrapping the output in a function foo(...) when you call Triplr with a parameter callback=foo such as with a call like;callback=foo/
The JSON output is also altered to restore the this_uri and footer keys that provide some Triplr acknowledgment on the data output. This was also provided in the service with the perl JSON.

Here is an example of using both parameters:;triples;callback=foo/

2008-03-21 Banned a bot

Banned a bot for trying to GRDDL all of through triplr. Use raptor yourself if you want to do that.

2008-01-18 JSON now powered by Raptor 1.4.17 SVN

Well, Danny revealed it already but I've changed the JSON serializer from being created by perl's JSON library, to generated by the subversion version of Raptor 1.4.17 itself using a resource-centric approach RDF/JSON by Ian Davis of Talis.

The fancy callback args are gone for now until I ummm, think about it some more.

2007-10-02 Powered by Raptor 1.4.16

Updated Triplr to use the release version of Raptor 1.4.16 as announced on 2007-10-01 at around 1am my local time. See the Raptor 1.4.16 release notes for what changed in 6 months of development.

2007-09-16 RDFa support removed

RDFa support has been removed.

2007-09-09 Triplr now with legal URIs

I got a complaint from a certain Tim that he couldn't condone Triplr's URI design since it included http:// in the URI path. Since everyone uses only http (right?) I've just switched the format to
to make Triplr read the URI

Of course, I've put a redirection in from the old form URIs so that should make everyone else not even notice this, if they are paying attention to 301s.

2007-07-17 Triplr does RDFa

I took an item off the todo list, so that you can now specify an input format as well as an output format. Usage:
This was needed to specify RDFa input since it cannot be easily detected, and the GRDDL parser is the normal parser for (X)HTML formats. Use like
Triplr is using a pre-release of Raptor 1.4.16 so there are few other new things such as parsing TRiG plus 100% support for the GRDDL proposed recommendation which was out today - congrats!

Update: RDFa support was removed 2007-09-16.

2007-05-06 04:30Z Namespaces now 23.5% prettier

Updated Triplr to use a pre-release of Redland 1.0.6 that can return the namespaces used in parsing, so that the serializer now only declares namespaces seen. The result is that the Turtle, RDF/XML and other namespace-abbreviated results are more compact and readable.

2007-04-01 01:00Z A little redirect help for wget

Seems like wget(1) strips out the second // if you try to wget, Triplr receives the URL so I've recognized that and added an HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect to the right URL. It's my favourite type of Redirect. What's yours?

2007-03-31 21:16Z JSON does callbacks

Wish I remembered to tell everyone especially Rev Dan before he wrote Geonames, rdf, triplr, json, Yahoo! Pipes and the Semantic Web, oh my! that the JSON writer has an optional callback=name parameter. I guess he still had fun! His first post using the JSON was Geonames machine tags, and JSON, oh my!

2007-03-30 04:30Z JSON fixes and Matrix URI parameters

Now using a real JSON writer, the CPAN module JSON by Makamaka Hannyaharamitu
There can be optional Matrix URI parameters given to Triplr indicated by a ';' after the output name like;foo=bar;blah/uri. Here the foo parameter has the value bar and the blah parameter has no explicit value, and defaults to '1'.
The JSON output uses a pretty parameter. If set to non-0, the JSON output is pretty/indented/long, otherwise it is ugly/compact.

2007-03-28 21:00Z JSON and HTML output for Triplr

HTML output as a table of triples
JSON output based on Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON

2007-03-25 23:37Z Triplr First Announcement

Made with Redland 1.0.5 and Raptor 1.4.15 pre-release taken from Redland Subversion

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