Triplr: Stuff in, triples out

Run an RDF query and format the results. Once this form is submitted, it will redirect to the permanent URL that can be used to fetch the result with HTTP GET. This service URL also acts as a SPARQL protocol endpoint.

This service uses Rasqal It does not yet support all of SPARQL 1.1 either such as property paths and SERVICE.

Execute a SPARQL 1.1 SPARQL 1.0 LAQRS query

formatting the result into JSON (bindings / graphs) XML (bindings) CSV (bindings) TSV (bindings) Table (bindings)
HTML (graphs) N-Triples (graphs) RDF/XML (graphs) Turtle (graphs)


bindings means an SELECT or ASK query; graph means a CONSTRUCT query. (DESCRIBE is not implemented.)

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